7 Tips for Successful Outsourcing


Successful advisors instill trust by creating deep rooted relationships with their clients. When an advisor takes the time to show a genuine interest in a client’s personal and professional  life, the advisor/client relationship is strengthened. An advisor’s time is eaten away by a variety of tasks unrelated to building and maintaining client relationships. Fortunately, outsourcing allows advisors to re-focus on the relationship with their client while delegating non-essential tasks to outside professionals.

Non-client-facing tasks are eating up significant chunks of an advisor’s time. Cerulli Associates found in 2017 that advisors only spend 52% of their time performing client-facing functions, while 28% goes toward administrative work. Meanwhile, recent benchmarking analysis by Dynasty Financial Partners found that outsourcing activities to a shared platform, such as the one that it offers, contributes to better margins.

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