Premier Trust is one of the top trust companies in Nevada. Our core team of professional staff has worked together for more than 15 years and has a proven record of providing outstanding service to our clients. A brief biography of our management and trust officers is included for your review.

Mark Dreschler

President / CEO / Co-Founder

Brian Simmons, CFP

Senior Vice President / Trust Officer

Stacy Libbey, CTFA

Senior Vice President / Operations Officer

Kathy Allinger

Vice President / Trust Officer

Marsha Walters, CTFA

Vice President / Trust Officer

Susan Callaghan, CTFA

Vice President / Trust Officer

Gino Pascucci

Vice President / Business Development

Richard Ward, CTFA

Trust Officer

Nancy McBride

Compliance Officer

Janette Garcia

Operations Officer

Serene DeGuzman, CTFA, NCG

Trust Officer

Kindra Blaylock, CTFA, NCG

Trust Officer

Kathy Klein, CISP

Trust Officer

Joseph Blaylock

Trust Officer