Collect and Review All Documents

As a trustee, we will collect and review all documents including the trust document, asset statements, and death certificates.

File Necessary Notices

We will notify the post office of change of address and cancel any subscriptions and unnecessary services (e.g. cable, phone, internet, etc.). We will also reach out to the attorney to prepare a Notice to Creditors and apply for a tax ID number for the trust.

Secure & Take Inventory of All Trust Assets

We will secure and value all assets of the trust, including real estate, and verify the assets are now titled with Premier Trust, Inc. as a trustee.

Review Investments

We will work with the client’s financial professional to ensure the investments match the objectives of the trust.

Identify, Locate & Notify Beneficiaries

As trustee, we will identify the beneficiaries of the trust, locate them, notify them of the change of trustee and provide our contact information.

Pay Any Debts, Taxes & Final Expenses

We will pay the grantor’s outstanding debts and taxes and facilitate the payment of approved final expenses.

Distribute the Assets Per the Trust Document

Some trusts distribute outright to beneficiaries after the initial administration is complete, while others stay in trust for many years. As trustee, we will distribute the assets per the terms of the trust.

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